Selling Your House During COVID in Kansas City – What You Need to Know

Selling your house during COVID in Kansas City - What you need to know

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about selling your house during COVID. As with a lot of other events and situations in your life, you’re trying to adjust to this new normal. I recently got married. When my fiancé and I were planning our wedding, it became planning a wedding during COVID. You may be considering selling your house in Kansas City, and now that question becomes, “How do you go about selling your house during COVID?”

As with most businesses, real estate has found out how to adapt to this new normal. There are a lot of protocols in place for buying and selling houses in Kansas City. Agents have done a really good job about following these safety guidelines and procedures, and making sure to wear masks when showing homes to clients. All of the encounters that you’re going to have, including any sort of inspections, appraisals, and your final closing in a title company, is all going to be contactless. All of these groups have figured out how to effectively complete their work in a fashion that involves physically distancing themselves from others, so you won’t have to worry about that at all during your process.

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There are also a lot of other things that you can do while selling your home during COVID to help protect yourself and your family. Virtual tours have become a very popular option, rather than having folks funnel in and out of your house. You may also consider other tactics to limit the number of people coming in and seeing your house. You could only approve showings with folks that are pre-approved and are able to show proof of funds.

In terms of the market itself in Kansas City, as you can imagine, not a lot of people are wanting to move right now. With all the uncertainty with COVID, folks really just want to stay put. This is causing a huge supply shortage in Kansas City. There are not a whole lot of houses out there right now.

You might think that there’d be a shortage of buyers as well due to loss of jobs or other circumstances, but that’s actually kind of contrary to the case. With interest rates being at all time low, buyers have picked back up but there is such a lack of houses for them to choose from. The Kansas City market has been strong the last few years, and we’re seeing that not only keep up but increase. Bidding wars are still going on. There’s still lots of competition for houses, and we’re really seeing prices inflate.

So if you are at that point in your life where you are wanting to sell your house in Kansas City, this may be a good time to get that best price for your house. We always recommend not trying to time the market and only selling your house if it makes sense for your circumstances. But in this case, prices are going to be really hard to beat at this point for you.

So if there’s anything in the world we can do for you here at Phenomenal Homes, give us a holler and see what we can do to help you. We would love to help you sell your house during COVID and help you meet all of your personal and financial goals.

Just remember, we’ve only got one life… make it phenomenal.

AJ Chinn

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