Renting a House in Kansas City? 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Instead

Renting a house in Kansas City certainly has more than a few upsides. You won’t be, for example, locked into mortgage payments for the next thirty years, and you can move just about anytime you want. But renting has downsides, too. In fact, for most people, buying is much better in several ways than renting. So, if you’re renting a house in Kansas City, here are 5 reasons why you may consider buying a house instead.

1. It’s Usually Cheaper

Buying a house comes with a substantial amount of upfront cost… a down payment, closing costs, loan processing fees, etc. But in the long run, it’s usually cheaper than renting a house in Kansas City.

The main reason is that monthly mortgage payments are typically less than you’d pay monthly for rent. So it doesn’t take long for you to have more money in your pocket if you buy rather than rent. And don’t forget that using a real estate agent as a buyer comes at no cost to you!

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2. It’s a Good Investment

Buying a house is usually a good investment, whereas renting a house in Kansas City is no investment at all. Most of the time a house increases in value, but renting is just money out of your pocket every month to pay somebody else’s mortgage.

Real estate appreciates, almost always – that is, it becomes worth more over time. And often, it’s a better investment than the stock market. The financial benefits of homeownership can be better than investing in stocks because, as your home appreciates, its increase in worth is on the home’s entire value, not just the initial investment of the cash paid for the down payment.

3. Mortgage Payments Won’t Increase

This is one of the most important reasons why you should buy instead of renting a house in Kansas City. Your rent can be raised at the whim of your landlord. But with a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly payment will remain the same over the life of the loan.

Knowing exactly what you’ll have to pay each month – and not always fearing a rent increase – can provide a lot of budgeting breathing room and stability. You can also pay more than the minimum monthly payment for a while and have lower mortgage payments later on. But rent only increases over time.

4. There Are Substantial Tax Benefits

Although the tax benefits aren’t as great as they were before the new tax laws, for most people they still amount to some sizable benefits. The main tax benefits are that you can deduct both mortgage interest and property taxes at tax time.

Suppose, for example, you purchased a $300,000 home and paid 10% down. If you take advantage of the tax benefits, you could save more than $300 each month on taxes. This, over the years, amounts to substantial savings.

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5. You Have Control

If you buy a house you also have control and can do nearly what you want. You won’t be constrained in what you can do by the rules and regulations and restrictions that come with renting a house.

Do want to install a new patio deck in the backyard? You can do it if you’re buying the house. Do you want to paint all the walls purple and orange? If that’s your thing, you can do that too. You would like the old wiring modernized? If you can pay for it, you can have that done. But if you’re renting a house in Kansas City, you probably won’t be able to do any of these things.

Buy Now and Reap the Benefits

And these aren’t the only reasons why buying is better than renting a house in Kansas City. Our experienced agents can help you begin reaping the benefits of owning your own home. If you’re convinced and are ready to stop throwing money away on rent, contact us today or call or text us at 785.817.6699!

AJ Chinn

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